Want to Eliminate an Eyesore?

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Tired of mowing around an unsightly stump? Bampton Tree Service LLC offers stump removal services. When we remove a tree, we can leave the stump or remove it, as you prefer. If you’d like to have us complete your tree removal with our stump grinding service, just let us know beforehand. We’ll arrive with all the necessary equipment to make it look like your tree was never there.

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3 key benefits of stump removal

3 key benefits of stump removal

Stump grinding involves using a stump grinder to eliminate all traces of the stump. This leaves the ground free of any dangerous or unattractive remnants of the former tree.

Should you take advantage of our stump removal services, or leave the stump as-is? Consider these advantages:

  1. An appealing landscape: A stump can be a blight on your lawn, and it prevents you from replanting in the same place.
  2. Safety: Save yourself or a family member from tripping over a hidden stump.
  3. Pest prevention: A tree stump is a burrowing insect’s paradise.

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